Scientific seminars and conferences

rtfRadio Engineering Faculty of National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” is the organizer of the International Scientific Conference “Radio-technical field, signals and systems” (RTPSAS), which is held in the spring of each year, starting in 2012.

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Also, every year at the Radio Engineering Faculty conference is held for students, graduate students and young scientists “ELECTRONICS in the twentieth century”. The conference will take place in April 2017 at the Radio Engineering Faculty of NTU “KPI” (Bldg. 17, str. Polytekhnichna, 12).


Technical seminar of the Würth Elektronik company

Technical seminar, dedicated to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), was conducted by design engineer of the Würth Elektronik company Lorandt Foelkel on 21st October 2015.12015238_988031241249307_8150643239395091585_o

There were discussed the main aspects of providing the interference (noise) immunity, EMC by constructive and circuit design techniques.

Educational laboratory stand with samples of various products of the company Würth Elektronik was set to Laboratory of radioelectronics components designing (508). Also, the teaching literature on the passive element base of modern electronics was given to the department.

The seminar was attended by over 50 students and teachers of the Radio Engineering Faculty. It should be noted that this is the first such seminar for students on the DNS territory.bd235b12322722e09d0d9d31d3d23f1e7348b27f57c8c45b318a6e9af752a19d

Internet of Things – a tribute to fashion or the call date

The lecture with the same name took place on 11.19.2015, the RTF. Lecturer – Associate cafes. ROS Sergii Mogilnii
Internet of Things (IoT) – communication technology “machine-to-machine” through the Internet, which leaves aside the interaction of the “man-to-man” or “human-computer”.

Internet of Things is a simple concept that requires only three things for the realization of functions:

  • The manner in which devices are interconnected.
  • The path for data collection devices.
  • A method for processing data received from the devices to take appropriate action.

The lecture dealt with the readiness of the new technology of today, which companies and organizations are already actively working on its implementation, and that they have already made, what is the material base for training at the department of new technology. Separately, it was concluded that it is necessary to know the future professionals to actively integrate into the technology of “The Internet of things.”

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