Talents of the ROS Department

In general the students of our department and our faculty have lots of talents. They use their time profitably. Boys and girls gain the lead in creativity competitions, achieve significant success in sports, present their scientific inventions at prestigious technical exhibitions, and actively participate in international and interregional competitions.

Our faculty is proud of its students who proudly represent not only RTF and our department, but NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Our volleyball team takes first places in the competitions between universities as within Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

In 2014 the team gained second place among faculties of the KPI.

In 2015 they won the sixth place.

Amongst the activists of our faculty team are such as: Roman Potapov, Dmytro Herasymchuk, Ivan Zakharchuk, Yaroslav Sikora, Andriy Kulakovsky, Kateryna Valkovska, and Roman Denysenko.


Besides, our students showed themselves in football. Our football team include: Vladyslav Ihnatenko, Pavlo Khavkun, Ivan Zakharchuk, Kostyantyn Ischenko, Volodymyr Panasyuk, Maksym Myropolsky, Danylo Samara, Olexandr Yablonsky, Anton Yabluniv.


Despite the fact that most of the students are male, female part is up there with studies or work. The title of our faculty “golden voice” belongs to Victoria Kulyk. The girl is engaged in the choir of the Institute and honorably represents the faculty in creativity competitions.


In such kinds of sport as sport aerobics Kateryna Sachyk achieved sporting success. She has placed high more than once in Ukraine as well as in the world competitions!


Moreover, the students organized a dance group «Spark». Boys and girls are actively involved in the creative life of the faculty.


A large number of our students take part in technical competitions. In 2015 our team earned second place in all-Ukrainian radio engineering student contest!

Among them: Roman Dubrovka, Maryna Fatyeyeva, Serhiy Bernadsky.