Nuvoton_logoLab microcontrollers of Radio Engineering Faculty is updated on the academic program NUVOTON

Since the beginning of the academic year, Faculty of Radio Engineering students study microcontrollers o ARM Cortex M0 architecture on the mockups Nuvoton “Nu LB NUC140”. Updating of the Laboratory microcontrollers was implemented by academic program of Nuvoton Technology Corporation (Taiwan), which specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits, including processors with 32-bit kernel ARM Cortex ™ -M0, having improved, compared with 8 we 16 bits. core indicators of performance, productivity and energy savings calculations. Microprocessors Nuvoton are adapted to widely used in automotive electronics, audio systems, navigation systems, communications and transmission of data over the Internet, and others.

The graduate of the radio department Grebenkov Ilya Nikolayevich initiated the implementation of the academic program. He advised members of Nuvoton address to assistant professor of radio and signal processing Mogilny Sergei Borisovich. In February 2014 Nuvoton representatives from Taiwan visited KPI, visited the laboratory of microcontrollers FRE and handed out two models for information and start the upgrade work programs of courses held in the laboratory of microcontrollers. At the same time an agreement was reached for the donation of models for the organization of a computer class. At the beginning of September 2014 the department received microcontrollers through the official distributor in Ukraine Nuvoton Ltd. “Gamma”, and already in October classes began in the updated lab microcontrollers on the subject “Digital Apparatus 3 – Embedded Systems”.
According to the curriculum of the course, students of the speciality 7 (8) .05090102 “Equipment of radio communication, broadcasting and television” for 36 hours (9 labs for 4 hours.) will acquire practical skills in programming microcontrollers in Assembler as well as in C.

During the laboratory works students study:

1. Creating a project in the environment KEIL MDK in assembler and C. Formation of signals given duration and period in the outputs of the microcontroller. Basic settings of the microcontroller. Formation of the time delay, the output data on the indicators.
2. Input data from the keyboard. Questioning the status buttons. Software implementation “debounce”. Event processing for a short and long press of a button.
3. Initializing the module asynchronous data UART. Data transfer to PC. Displaying data in a PC terminal. Conversion of data from the binary codes in the table ASCII. The streaming data output terminal. Implementation dialog menu the user terminal PC.
4. Initiation of events at specified intervals using a timer overflow interrupt, interrupt handling. Formation of the sampling frequency. Initialization of the ADC module. Interrupt processing to complete the ADC. Analog-to-digital conversion using a low-power mode.
5. Formation of the PWM. Speed control of DC motors. Motor control.
6. The synchronous serial communication interfaces SPI, I2C. Retrieving data from an external digital temperature sensor. Data output to the LCD display.
7. Write and read data on the SD-memory card.
8. ИInitialization and data exchange via the CAN.
9. Set realtime OC (RTOS). The implementation of the software in the OS.
Training boards NuMicro ARM Cortex ™ -M0, are built on the basis of single-chip microcontroller company Nuvoton, will allow students of radio engineering faculty NTUU KPI master 32-bit kernel, as well as help in the implementation of research projects using embedded systems.
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